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Activity Camps


We offer fun and creative summer camps with a variety of activity themes for ages 6 and up. Camp starts at 9am and ends at 4pm. Extended hours are available until 6pm and includes early drop off. ($50/week)
Every day must haves:
  • lunch
  • snacks
  • water bottle
  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • swim suit/towel
  • comfortable shoes
Science Camp  for ages 6 and up   July 2-5*

Science is all around us. In the kitchen, in the bedroom, outside, and out in space. What better way to learn about science than hands on learning? Observe, build, mix and have fun! SCIENCE ROCKS!
Arts and Craft for ages 6 and up  July 8-12

Campers have the opportunity to express themselves artistically using different mediums. Activities might include tie-dying, FIMO, collage, needle craft, painting and much more. Art might inspire us, tell a story, bring out emotions, or simply relax us. Art is limitless when it comes to creativity and we hope your child will join us to discover and experience a world of creative fun.
Outdoor Adventure for ages 6 and up July 15-19

This camp let's children do what kids love most; play, explore, meet new friends and participate in adventure activities such as scavenger hunts and outdoor games. Get ready for a bicycle trip, bring your scooters to explore the skateboard park and much more.
Helmets are mandatory with bikes, scooters and skateboards
Lego Camp for ages 6 and up July 22-26

Is your child crazy for Lego? Does he/she enjoy spending hours building with Lego or K'nex? If so, this camp is the perfect place to be. Campers will use their creative imagination and built crazy creations with thousands of Lego pieces. Kids will be able to build based on group projects, as well as on "free build" projects. Campers exhibits available for parental view at the end of each day, providing young designers an opportunity to show off their creations. What will your child invent?
Water Fun for ages 6 and up    July 29-Aug 2

Get ready for a week of wet adventures. This camp will keep you cool while having fun! We will explore the pools and splash pads in our neighbourhood, built sandcastles at the beach, and have water balloon fights. Campers don't have to be able to swim! 
Sports Camp for ages 6 and up  August 6-9
This camp is designed for the sports enthusiasts! Learn about teamwork and sportsmanship while having fun. Campers will participate in a variety of sports activities such as Soccer, Volleyball, Softball, Hockey, and outdoor games. Our focus is on skill development, learning new skills and FUN!!
Creative Drama for ages 6 and up   August 12-16

Has your child caught the acting bug, or is looking for something fun to do this summer? Send him/her to Castlepark Daycamp for a week of drama, improve  and short skits acting. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to discover their dramatic selves, dress up and pretend to be whoever they want to be! Lots of games, lots of FUN!!!
fun camp.jpg

Let's have fun camp  for ages 6 and up August 19-23

This camp is a mix of outdoor fun, artistic creations, fun games, and let's use our imagination camp. It focuses on campers interests, with a focus of exploring new things, fun activities and creating happy memories. Anything goes and you are invited to join the fun.
Active Kids for ages 6 and up Aug 26-30

This is a busy camp to keep the kids active with lots of outdoor fun. This may include scooter/bike trips, field trips, exploring the Beach neighbourhood, and fun outdoor games.
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