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Welcome to our Preschool ages 2.5 to 4yrs

Play provides the foundation for academic or "school" learning. It is the preparations needed before learning highly abstract symbols such as letters (which are symbols for sounds), and numbers (which are symbols for number concepts). Incorporating modern learning techniques such as Jolly Phonics, play enables the key goals of our early childhood curriculum.
At Castlepark we encourage learning through play while inspiring children to be active and creative thinkers, not afraid to try out their ideas and to think their own thoughts (isn't that what we love most about our children?). Our goal is for children to become independent, self confident and inquisit learners. We allow them to learn at their own pace, and in ways that are best for them. Our aim is to provide learning activities that will let them enter Kindergarten with confidence and a love for learning.


Marble run play
sand table fun
sand table fun
Little Chefs
Outdoor Play
We believe that outdoor play is just as important. We are so lucky to be situated in such a beautiful neighbourhood with such a variety as the beach, local parks,and school playgrounds. 
Creative Art
Preschoolers love to discover new mediums and tools. Cutting, painting, glueing and drawing are all a way of discovering your creative site. And we love it, too!
Our preschool program is designed for ages 2.5 to 4yrs. Children have to bring their own snacks and lunches. An afternoon nap or quite time is part of our program. Children do not have to be potty trained.
To learn more about our preschool philosophy and the 5 core skills to make your child Kindergarten ready 
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