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Our school age program is
  • Cool 
  • busy
  • fun
  • outdoorsy
We believe that every child deserves a safe and caring environment (a place where children want to be and were they feel "at home") in which to grow and develop to their maximum potential.
Moving to the big kids room is always exciting. We see an amazing growth especially in the first year with each child and as teachers we take great pride of being part of it. Our teachers are always busy planning and implementing a variety of activities to keep it fun and exciting. 
New Options for grade 5 and 6
Does your child feel too grown up for daycare now that they are in grade 5 or 6? All his/her friends are walking home by themselves? Independence and responsibilities are great, but you prefer to have her/him supervised after school, to hang out with friends, being active and having a healthy snack! Here is the compromise: let us supervise them until 4.30pm and than they can walk home. We are always out (weather permitting) until 4.45pm before heading back to the Playschool. All this for a reduced fee of $240/month! Peace of mind for you, gaining independence in small steps for your child, and we get to hang on to your child for a bit longer!
Active Kids are Healthy Kids!
Outdoor play fulfills children's basic needs for freedom, adventures, experimentation, risk taking and just being children. With so much focus on teaching basic skills and academics, we forget the importance of being outside and enjoying nature. They need to run, jump, climb and play sports, especially after a long school day. We spend most of our time outside, using the upper yard of Kew Beach school. We bring lots of toys and equipment to keep the children busy and active. We also take advantage of the beach and local parks to keep it interesting. In the winter we go skating, and in nice weather we go scootering and biking around the beach or at the skate park. There is much to be learned from outside play!
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